Are you tired of hurting?   Do you want to change a pattern?

Just imagine being held in a fluid space of compassion where you are protected, loved and can heal body, mind, and spirit in deep relaxation and trust.

I invite you to roam this site if you are wanting an alternative and holistic healing approach.  I believe that all healing is possible and look forward to working with you on any project you may have.

I want to work with those of you who want to heal!  I want to work with those of you who are committed to your health, wellness and happiness.  Remember, with healing, anything is possible!!! Let’s live that healthy lifestyle that we aspire to, with love in hearts and a smile on our face.  I am ready to work with those who wish to empower themselves into wholeness with enthusiasm for life.

“In sharing this beautiful Art, I hope to inspire others toward self-empowerment and healing. We are all Questing Harmony in ourselves and our relationships with humanity and the world we live in. The Healing Arts are amazing to help achieve this with our body’s natural wisdom.”





Spiritual Guidance

I want to work with those who want to BE what they find in their heart of hearts, in their everlasting essence.  I want to share my wisdom.  I want to inspire you to be the best YOU that you can be!  My focus is on your growth and I will gear that to your Spiritual growth since it is all encompassing. Whether you are starting on your Quest or just want guidance along the way, let’s have some FUN! Who wants to become empowered?  I do.


It is my absolute firm belief that we should share all the wisdom and knowledge that we have, for it is not truly ours, only shared with us through the interconnectedness of all.  I love to teach and to ignite the flame of higher wisdom in others.  The classes I offer are vastly different yet tell the same story in its own unique way.  Whether we are learning arcane wisdom of numbers, elements and archetype imagery or we are learning about planets and feelings and being human and finding/creating our hands-on healing potential, we are sharing our story and learning how to expand our awareness.  I encourage us all to question beyond imagining.

I love teaching! I am passionate and animated about sharing wisdom and knowledge. My background is in Metaphysics and Alternative Healing and I am extremely enthusiastic when I share information. I offer you the tools for life, for healing, insight and growth.