Harmony in Air

According to Jin Shin Jyutsu, The Second Depth is about harmony in relationships. The attitude may be grief and sadness, yet there is so much more to explore in this Depth. I call this Depth the transformation of humanity. The element of this Depth is Air. The beauty of the potential of this Depth is overwhelming to perceive at times. I feel we can access the ALL THAT IS through our breath from the deepest Breath of the Cosmos to the physical breath of the lungs. Following the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence, which is As Above, So Below, we can start with the simplicity of being aware of our breath. This reality will connect you to the Breath Essence of the Sixth Depth and following the Order of Creation connect you to the Universe and the ALL THAT IS. “Simple, isn’t it?”

Another aspect of the Second Depth is the relationship to the Deep Skin of the body, including the fascia. Just as our beliefs and values (the mental/emotional aspect of the Air Element) keep us stuck sometimes, so can the fascia and connective tissue making our bodies stiff and holding muscles and organs too tight.

My homework is to hold my ring finger and…

  • Consciously breathe with my lung breath becoming more aware of the Breath and connection to the Divine Breath.
  • Breathe through the connective tissue of my body bringing space and the Purified Breath of Life to each cell of my body.
  • Let go of old outmoded thoughts, ideas and value systems that limit the expansion of my mind.


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