Look to the Order

I am crazy about Jin Shin Jyutsu®. Maybe that is why I found myself dreaming of Mary Burmeister. I was dealing with a hip flexor “project” a few weeks back. I am always studying and researching my notes to find flows to support various projects. Of course, Liver Function Energy came up as it was following that pathway but I felt like I was missing something. In my dreamtime, Mary came to me as I was pondering my hip project and she said, “look to the Order.” I thanked her for the advice and immediately woke up. Her words are still ringing in my ears.

I thought of the Order of Creation. I can help anything and it will help the whole. Cause and effect are most of the time not in the same place. There is a balance in the elements and within the Breath of Life. Everything is connected. I could go on and on with my thoughts on the Order of Creation. I ponder this at work and have the Order taped on my therapy room door so that it can inspire me and maybe by osmosis sink into my being.

My hip flexor healed very quickly. I spent less time thinking of how to “heal” that area of my body. Every time I would feel the pain or discomfort, I just thought of Mary’s words, “look to the Order.” I realized I had been focused on the disharmony, not the harmony. I was not sure what part of the “Order” I was supposed to focus on, but the message was the “Order” was connected to the whole. I had been focusing on the parts.

I also want to share the first night of this discomfort. I had woken up from the pain. I decided before running to the pain relief from a bottle, I would be my own testimony and use Jin Shin Jyutsu®. There was no way I was going to hold Safety Energy Lock 5 & 16 together as a Pain Reliever. I didn’t think I could get into any position to do so without writhing in pain. All I did was Breathe, exhaling down the front of my body and inhaling up the back of my body. Within a short moment the pain subsided, completely went away, and I was able to fall asleep. I want to Breathe with this awareness in every moment of my life. I get so distracted by what I am doing and less aware by how I am BE-ing. I thought of the beauty of that moment when the pain melted away, and when my full focused awareness was so present that the pain did not need to speak with me. I hope we can all live in a world where our vibration is strong, present and connected to the All That Is.

“Be your own testimony.” 


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