Riding the Cosmic Wave

In Jin Shin Jyutsu®, we study Bustline, Waistline, Hipline relationships in the body and in the pulses, also referred to as Spirit, Mind and Body. I have been feeling a lot of Bustline pulses this week, for my clients and myself. So this blog is about the integration of spiritual energy.

This past weekend, I had time (most gratefully) to relax and to allow energy to integrate within my being. I noticed a lot of cosmic energy coming through in waves. I attributed this awareness to an expansion of planetary and humanitarian energy. As the week continued, the contemplation of Bustline pulses became a theme in my practice. The energy of Spirit coming down the front of the body, first passing through the Bustline where we process this spiritual energy that is to become manifest within, was ever present. Then the lightbulb went off! This is cosmic energy, coming through in waves, down the front of the body, in the exhale of the Breath of Life. The expansion I had noticed, days prior, was showing up for myself and others in the bustline. Writing about this phenomenon seems a bit anticlimactic. But the experience of how cosmic energy moves, from the macrocosm to the microcosm is fascinating! Even more exciting was feeling this energy in the pulses. I feel activated and alive but i also feel like I am processing and integrating. The swing from elevation to dreamy meditation is the ride of the cosmic wave.

If you are feeling tired, spacey, or like you are catching up to yourself, take a moment to harmonize the Breath of Life. Choose a safety energy lock that is comforting to you. I chose SEL 4 (letting in air, light and consciousness) and SEL 1 (the prime mover). SEL 4 helps with all Bustline needs. The weaving princess as the spirit level is harmonizing the BE-ing. SEL 1 helps with getting energy moving and clears the waistline, which in turn will help the Bustline energy descend the front of the body  A reminder to EXHALE and BE.




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