Tarot Card of the Week, Judgment

Tarot Card of the Week, Judgment

You have an opportunity for regeneration and renewal. Lift up and meet a higher vibration of energy to embody! Judgment does not mean you are being judged by the Creator. However it does mean you need to step it up! Judgment is about accepting Soul responsibility and why you are here. Today you can move into new levels of responsibility not because you have to but because you choose to, you want to! You are receiving direct messages from spirit to help guide you into BE-ing a more expanded self in a state of conscious awareness. What responsibility can you act on today to move you into a state of balance? You should be getting the messages as what that can be for you. Balance is the key to healthy living; balance internally, with the world around you, with the seen and unseen forces of life. You have earned the right to be here, in the NOW.

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